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The Hidden Flaw in Visionary Leadership: Why Charisma Isn’t Enough


You’ve heard it a thousand times in leadership: People engage to VISION.

The thought is that casting a compelling enough vision compels everyone (staff, employees, customers, etc.) to engage in your organization.

But this suggestion is only partially correct.

Vision alone isn’t enough. A trusted vision through proven execution engages people. Words may trick people once, but not twice.

Leadership Charisma Is Like an Empty Vision Statement

There’s a connection between unexecuted vision and charismatic leaders.

Just like a vision that never comes to fruition, a leader relying only on their charm and charisma finds it challenging to build influence with their team, employees, and organization.

A charismatic leader looks great on the surface, but like beauty, charisma is only skin deep.

If leadership is about influence, then time is required. Influence takes time to grow and requires more than charisma to sustain.

Stepping Into New Leadership Roles

In my new book, “Big Shoes To Fill,” I walk leaders through stepping into new leadership roles. While researching the topic, I found how frequently leaders rely on their charisma to win over their inherited teams.

And then they find out charm isn’t enough.

Sure, a portion of charisma is helpful, but more is needed.

This is true for all leadership spaces but is especially critical for leaders stepping into new roles. When you inherit a team, department, division, or organization, everyone has one predominant question: How will this leadership transition affect me?