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12 Ways to Jeopardize Your Job as Pastor

jeopardize your job
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There are common ways you can jeopardize your job as a pastor.

Hopefully, through this article and my conference speaking I have established myself as someone that loves pastors. I came into vocational ministry mid-career and it gave me a unique perspective on the role. I want pastors to succeed. Don’t jeopardize your job as pastor!

It’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

Of course, no one would intentionally cripple their ministry, but I have seen some ways pastors get into trouble if they aren’t careful. This is a light-hearted post, but it has serious ramifications.

12 ways to jeopardize your job as pastor

  1. Do life alone – trust no one and have no “real” friends.

2. Question everyone’s motive in the church – assume everyone is out to get you.

3. Don’t learn or consider the impact of key stakeholders in the church.

4. Take personal pride in numbers and constantly compare the success (or lack there of) your ministry to other ministries.

5. Refuse any outside critique or evaluation.

6. Keep your family life always second to the church – and make “ministry” excuses for doing so.