Are You Pastoring in the Death Zone?

Pastoring in the death zone means attempting to sustain an elevated level or pace that has the potential to jeopardize your family, your ministry, and your health.

Disarming a Weaponized Church: Moving Forward Amid Turmoil in the UMC

The United Methodist Church currently feels like a war zone. But the way forward is to “beat our swords into plowshares” (Isaiah 2:4) on the anvil of compassion. Here are three principles that can guide us.

11 Characteristics of Spiritually Weak Christian Leaders

They lead in their own power rather than God’s power. They may use the language of “God’s power,” but honesty would require them to say that they’re living in their own strength. They’re tackling very little that they could not do on their own.

Why Every Leader Needs Silence and Solitude

Here are some practical benefits of practicing silence and solitude and tips for building it into your life.

Lunch With a Novice

The young minister was all smiles and oozing enthusiasm as we ordered our lunch at the restaurant. My goal wasn’t to steal his smile, but to help equip him for the realities of servant leadership.

5 Commandments for Becoming a Media Savvy Pastor

Before you start, there are some critical things you need to know to be an effective media savvy pastor. Here’s five vital principles as you begin your journey.

Two Specific Ways You Claiming ‘Follower of Christ’ Could Be a Liability for Christ

Leaders are in charge—mostly. Being a leader means you have followers. Otherwise, you’re just taking a walk. The sheer presence of followers provides leaders two things we really, really love: power and authority.

2 Types of Credibility and Why You Need Them Both

There are two types of credibility. Both personal and professional credibility are essential for the leader. The former is about character and integrity. The latter is about execution and faithfully and skillfully doing one’s job.

The Overemphasis of Influence in Spiritual Leadership

The mantra taught to 21st century church leaders is that “leadership is influence.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement for business or secular leaders, but not for spiritual leaders.

41 Evidences of Pride

It's important to be aware of signs of pride in ourselves because pride can be extremely subtle. Here are 41 questions we can ask ourselves to see if we have any arrogance we are not aware of.

What is Gossiping — (It’s More Than You Think)

What is gossiping? Gossip is the opposite of the gospel. In the mouth and the ear of a gossip is a morsel of bad news, not the good news.

12 Reasons I Love My Pastor

I love my pastor, but I must admit, I don’t often express that I do. Shame on me. Allow me to take a few moments to articulate some of the reasons why I appreciate my pastor so much.

12 Phrases That Might Burn Down Your Church

No church fire I’ve seen begins in full flame. Instead, it usually begins with a spark, a tiny glow that extends itself one flicker at a time until the flame is raging--a fire that might burn down your church.

5 Things That Hurt a Pastor’s Credibility

A recent study found that the perceived credibility of pastors has been slipping in recent years. While pastors can't control everything, here are five things that are detrimental to their credibility.

Will We Use Our Creativity in Heaven?

God gave people creativity in their unfallen state, which remained but was twisted when we fell. He will surely not give us less creativity in Heaven but more.

What Unforgiveness Does to Your Brain

Unforgiveness not only keeps us chained to our offender but it profoundly affects our bodies and brains.

How to Reboot the Discipleship Culture in Your Church With Dennis Allen

Every pastor in every church would love to become better at disciple-making. Yet, we don't always recognize what hinders us from doing so. In this conversation, Jason Daye and Dennis Allen discuss how to foster a culture of effective disciple-making. @pastorserve

The Scandal of Evangelical Christian Friendship

Believers more than anyone else ought to have the most robust and healthiest understanding of Christian friendship, including, or especially, friendship between men and women, says Karen Swallow Prior.

Why We Still Need the Old Testament: Lessons From the Bible Translation Movement

We have to work hard to understand the messages and stories of the Old Testament and to relate them to our skeptical friends. But here's why we need it.

8 Principles for Pastoring in a Political Age

Rightly practiced, pastoring and preaching doesn’t minimize the trials of the week, but simply regulates them to a different kingdom.

Co-Founder of ‘Dating App for the Right Wing’ Expects To Draw...

The Right Stuff, a new dating app aimed at political conservatives, launched on Friday, Sept. 30. Former Trump aide John McEntee and and former Trump appointee Daniel Huff co-founded the app, which is billed as “a dating app for the right wing.”

Eric Geiger: What the ‘Alarming’ State of Theology Report Means for...

Eric Geiger joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the recently released The State of Theology report, which Geiger calls “alarming.” But there is still some good news for church leaders.