5 Steps on a Lifelong Path to Spiritual Authority

As a leader, you can never escape the reality of authority and its reflection on your character.

How to Be an Effective Quiet Leader

There are a lot of quiet leaders and ministers. Ministers who like to process, listen and protect before they speak. And that’s ok. But, just because you are quiet does not mean you have to get walked on.

The Role, Duty, and Expectation of a Coach

Billy Graham once said, “A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.”

Elijah the Prophet: What We Can Learn From His Mental Health

Many spiritual leaders in the Bible struggled to obtain victory while serving faithfully. The story of Elijah the Prophet is just one case study model for ministry. Many pastors and church leaders can learn a valuable lesson on self-care and God’s provision to take care of His own.

The Typical Pastor’s Wife Is Dead

I think the typical pastor's wife is dead. You know, that woman who had it all together, never seemed to struggle, played the piano, attended every event and met everyone's expectations ... although she could have had some help with her wardrobe.

How an Overemphasis on Loyalty Is Hurting Churches

During many years as a consultant to churches, one of the most frustrating challenges I’ve discovered within Christian organizations is an overemphasis on loyalty, oftentimes to the detriment of expertise.

9 Leadership Strategies to Avoid Becoming a Growth Barrier

Every leader hates growth barriers. The Internet is full of suggestions on breaking through barriers. Some of these articles, blogs, and books are good. But too...

Do the Old Testament Promises of Prosperity Apply to God’s People Today?

Prosperity theology says that God’s plan is always for us to be wealthy. But Jesus, who didn’t even have a place to lay His head and who owned nothing but a robe and sandals, clearly didn’t live a money- and possessions-centered life. Surely that’s not what He wants for us either.

Rote Discipleship Is Spiritual Window-Dressing

Part of the Great Commission Jesus gave His church of going into all the world and making disciples, is the assignment to, “Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you…”

Generous Church: Ten Top Characteristics

Everyone sees the problems with giving; here is a vision for some solutions.

Counter-Cultural: Submit to God or Conform to Culture

Following Jesus is counter-cultural in every society, though often in different ways.

Two Counter-Cultural Keys to Staying Married

According to new research from the Institute for Family Studies, “religious men and women who married in their 20s without cohabiting first…have the lowest odds of divorce in America today.”

How to Handle a Fool (According to Scripture)

To know how to deal with a fool, you first have to recognize him (being sure to check the mirror in the process!). The Bible gives us a ready description, especially in the book of wisdom known as the Proverbs.

Good Preaching Starts With the Power of Story

Good preaching contains meat for the hungry—and it’s best delivered on a plate of storytelling. Here’s the journey we must take.

Running With Watermelon Shoes

We do not have the right to call something a sin which is not forbidden by Scripture either explicitly or by strong implication. And we are not required to do something unless Scripture requires this of us.

Are We Seeing the Birth of a New Christian Unity?

In times of war, especially spiritual war when we are fighting a common enemy, we must lay aside our minor differences for the sake of unity in the effort to win to Christ those who don’t yet follow Him. 

Why NOT Getting Hired, Promoted or Recognized Is a Sign of God’s Blessing

Embracing obscurity doesn't sound like the most exciting way to live. But what if sometimes the only way for God to truly bless us is to place us in total obscurity for a season?

5 Ways to Ruin a Sermon

I love good preaching and great preachers! And I can tell you that even popular preachers have some bad habits in common. I’ve heard many good preachers ruin a sermon with lame preaching.

God’s Path to More Power

More power: we want it. Everyone from Tony Stark to Lord Voldemort wants it. They want it bad. Doc Brown’s 1.21 Gigawatts aren’t enough—somewhere in eternity Captain Kirk is still barking, “More power, Scotty.”

Instead of Playing Sunday Morning Critic, Try These Eight BE-atitudes

Instead of listening to and learning from each sermon, the Sunday Morning Critic makes sure they let the pastor know after the service whether his sermon was (in their opinion) good, just okay, or not so good.

Co-Founder of ‘Dating App for the Right Wing’ Expects To Draw...

The Right Stuff, a new dating app aimed at political conservatives, launched on Friday, Sept. 30. Former Trump aide John McEntee and and former Trump appointee Daniel Huff co-founded the app, which is billed as “a dating app for the right wing.”

Eric Geiger: What the ‘Alarming’ State of Theology Report Means for...

Eric Geiger joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the recently released The State of Theology report, which Geiger calls “alarming.” But there is still some good news for church leaders.