How to Lead a Pessimist

The word pessimism is from a Latin world — pessimus. It means "the worst." A pessimist takes a negative event and allows it to ruin their day or week or even month. Here's how to lead someone trapped in a cycle of pessimism.

5 Extraordinary Gifts From God (and How They Impact Your Leadership)

God certainly does have expectations of us, but he gives so much more to us than he expects of us. As a leader, that fills us up and helps us keep going! Here are five extraordinary gifts from God.

Practical Insight to Navigate Leadership Pain

Leadership, while rewarding, can also be quite painful. Here's how you can allow God to use your leadership pain to make you a better leader and more faithful person.

16 Things People Never See About the Role of a Pastor

What is the role of a pastor when he's not preaching? The pastor wears many hats. Some of them of which you may not even be aware.

R.C. Sproul: What Is the Covenant of Redemption?

The covenant of redemption is intimately concerned with God’s eternal plan. It is called a “covenant” inasmuch as the plan involves two or more parties. This is not a covenant between God and humans.

Pastoring a Small Church Is Not a Penalty, It’s a Specialty

Being a small church pastor isn’t my penalty for something I’ve done, or am doing wrong. It’s my specialty. My niche. And, since embracing it, it’s becoming an area of great joy and passion – even expertise.

How Pastors Can Discern Their True Friends

Don’t get me wrong; most people in the church are friendly. Most people treat pastors with respect. But it can be hard to find true friends among those you’re charged to shepherd.

Chris Pratt Presents 9 Rules for Life: Hear His Advice for Teens

Chris Pratt gave a stirring speech a few years ago, sharing nine rules for life with young people. Check out his advice (both funny and serious) for teens.

Tod Bolsinger: The 1 Key to Adapting and Leading in a Changing World

In this era of conflict, uncertainty, and rapid change, Tod Bolsinger and Jason Daye look at the personal transformation that must take place in a ministry leader's life to create adaptive capacity for effective leadership.

Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

In the midst of your storm, with the waves crashing around you, are you struggling to hear God’s voice? Here are some ways you can continue trusting God when things don't make sense.

Let’s Stop Over-Interpreting Agape vs Phileo

It's not agape vs phileo: Both agape and phileo can be used as synonyms, and it is the usage in the context of conversation or narration that tells us the degree of love or the object of love in focus.

Pastor: Leave Before You Have to Leave

I’ve watched people in organizations – in government, business, nonprofits, and, sadly, far too often in the church — some leaders (people) simply stay too long. Leader, leave before you have to leave. 

James Choung: How to Navigate a Crisis of Faith as a Pastor

James Choung and Jason Daye explore what happens when ministry leaders and pastors fall into the challenging spaces where their faith is challenged—and what to do about it.

15 Signs of Leadership Fatigue

The longer the social upheavals of our time rage on, the more likely the possibility of leadership fatigue.

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for you to build and maintain relationships with people both inside your church and in your community. Every time you post something, you risk ruining your reputation on Facebook.

Can Cancer Be God’s Servant? What I Saw in My Wife’s Last Four Years

In March, my beloved wife, Nanci, lost her four-year battle with colon cancer. All 54 years I’ve known her, Nanci loved Jesus. But from a front-row seat, I watched a supernatural change in those last four years.

5 Ways Pastors Can Help Heal the Brokenhearted in Their Care

When we know we're loved by God, we can trust he is with us through any difficulty that comes our way. Here are 5 ways pastors can help those in their care experience God's love. 

3 Reasons Churches Struggle to Empower Younger Leaders

Some churches struggle to hand significant responsibility to younger leaders, to empower younger leaders to launch new initiatives, and to joyfully allow themselves to be led by a new generation.

5 Simple Ways To Prevent Youth Pastor Burnout and Turnover

The average stay of a youth pastor is around 18 months. Although I can’t confirm this exact number, it’s clear that youth pastor burnout and turnover is a real thing.

Preaching Variant Texts In The Bible

In the realm of the theological sciences, no subject is as difficult to navigate as that of Old and New Testament textual criticism. How much should a pastor talk about textual variants when preaching through books of the Bible?

Former Charlotte Pastor Frank Reich Named Carolina Panthers Head Coach

NFL head coach Frank Reich is returning to Charlotte, North Carolina, to coach the Carolina Panthers, a city where he pastored until 2007 when he left to coach in the NFL.

Holly Catterton Allen: How Your Church Can Help Children Be Spiritually...

Dr. Holly Catterton Allen joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain that, contrary to what we might assume, children are deeply spiritual and to share how churches can help kids develop resilience.