3 Leadership Clichés I Never Use

The reason leadership maxims gain traction among leaders is that they are generally helpful. Pithy statements that summarize principles are both memorable and instructive. But not all leadership clichés can be trusted.

Scriptural Blessings From God’s Word

Our God loves to bless his children—such as you and me. You will find his blessings throughout Scripture.

12 Signs of Mediocrity in a Church

"As a church consultant, I’ve learned that these signs are often an indicator that the church overall does not strive for excellence."

12 Ways to Jeopardize Your Job as Pastor

I came into vocational ministry mid-career and it gave me a unique perspective on the role. I want pastors to succeed. Don't jeopardize your job as pastor!

Theology Matters, Even in Fundraising

If this world can distort the role of cash in our ministry efforts, it can distort our understanding of God’s role.

Creating Church Experiences Worth Experiencing

Welcome to the experience economy. Actually, we’ve been living in it for a decade or two, even if you and I haven’t realized it. Here are some thoughts on how your church can thrive in the midst of it.

How To Suck the Power out of Your Preaching and Teaching

How does the “fire go out” of our preaching and teaching? We lose our sense of expectation.

The Cost of Discipleship Pales in Comparison to What We Gain in Following Jesus

Once we are actually following Jesus in self-denial, what do we find? Rest for our souls, not weariness. An easy yoke, not a hard one. And a light burden, not a heavy one.

What a Minister’s Fall Does to the Church

Whenever a I hear of a minister's fall, it sobers me as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why Some Pastors Leave Their Church Too Soon

Few pastors leave a church saying, “I know this is too early, but I’m leaving”; instead, they reach that conclusion after the fact.  

One Thing Every Church Should Include in Pastor Compensation

Many pastors are underpaid, not just for the specific kind of work they do, they aren’t paid enough! In that context, should I really bring up something that churches should ADD to a pastor’s compensation package?

Becoming a Disciple

The state of your spirituality does not rest on how you feel, but rather on who you are—and who you are becoming. God is in the soul-making business, and he does promise to transform you. The key idea is becoming a disciple.

4 Guidelines for the Spiritual Warfare Leaders Face

Any time spiritual leaders boldly strive to make progress for redemption in the name of Jesus, there will be significant resistance.

There Is Only One Way To Follow Jesus

You can’t pick up the cross if you’re still holding onto the nets. You can’t follow Jesus is you’re still holding onto your old marks of self-identification and preservation.

A Common but Damaging Leadership Statement

A leader—frustrated with my critical eye for improvement—made a common but damaging leadership statement that made me cringe. In fact, I believe it is perhaps one of the worst leadership statements to organizational health.

6 Steps Toward Spiritual Maturity

Do you want to grow as a man of God? Godliness is “of value in every way.” It is more valuable than physical strength or financial success. It's worth more than the thickest resume or the most coveted property. Godliness will, in the long run, make you happier than the satisfaction of any earthly desire.

There Is Only One House of God

There is only one house of God, built on the same promises, tasked with the same purpose and mission. When we remember this, we recognize that the anticipatory elements of the Old Testament.

Overcoming Fear: A Biblical Perspective

In today's world, fear is increasingly prevalent. The Bible, however, provides guiding principles for overcoming fear and living a life filled with hope and courage

Can You Discover Your Hidden Beliefs?

Kevin Cashman says that we must bring hidden beliefs into the light for us to lead at our best. He suggests seven clues that can bring these shadow beliefs to light.

The Idol of ‘How It Should Be’

What is an idol? We typically think of idols like totem poles—wooden or bronze or iron statues with grotesque faces that people bow before while chanting in low, hushed tones. But the idols of today are less visible, but no less insidious.

Sam Allberry: How To Avoid ‘Unpreaching’ the Gospel in Our Church...

Sam Allberry joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what he learned when his church had biblical teaching, but the gospel didn’t seem to be permeating the culture. Sam explains how pastors can have orthodox preaching while also promoting a culture of “gospel safety.”