Contentment Turns All It Touches to Gold

"Content is the philosopher's stone which turns all it touches into gold; happy is he who has found it. Content is more than a kingdom, it is another word for happiness." (C. H. Spurgeon)

3 Unexpected Blessings From the Parables of Jesus

Sometimes church-going Christians miss the power of the Lord’s teaching because we are over-familiar with the parables of Jesus.

8 Ways to Maximize Bible Impact Upon Your Life

Willow Creek’s Reveal survey of several thousand churches revealed not a silver bullet, but the number one catalyst that believers said contributed most to their growth: Bible reading and reflection.

‘Nobody’s Perfect’ Is a Poor Response to Church Scandals

In recent years, the evangelical movement has been experiencing a reckoning when it comes to abuse and scandal.

7 Church Hiring Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands

I firmly believe that if you take these recruiting tips and apply them—and avoid the hiring pitfalls—you will literally save more than $100K in the long run.

5 Negative Influences on Pastors Who Leave Pastoring

Why is it that some leaders quit pastoring, even after years of doing so, and move in a completely different direction?

Pastor, Teach Us to Pray

The Lord’s people want to pray. Pastor, teach us to pray. Most of the Lord’s people want to learn to pray. Pastor, teach us to pray. Pastor,...

Asking for a Raise … 10 Tips Your Executive Pastor Wants You to Know

Don’t Say These 5 Things When Asking Your Executive Pastor for a Raise

Church Leaders: Ministry Is From God, but It Is Not God

When I first began serving in local church ministry, a pastor told me that “church is a great place to hide out and a great place to burn out.”

Leading Well Starts With Your Own Life

Leading Well Starts With Your Own Life - It’s hard to maintain the integrity of your teaching, or to be taken seriously as a leader, if you’re unwilling to practice what you preach.

Two Dangers of Christian Fatalism

The idea that God is somehow pulling the levers behind the screen of life is what I call Christian fatalism: God is all-powerful. His will cannot be denied. Therefore, everything that happens must have been part of his plan from the beginning. He was behind everything all along.

20 Things Pastors and Worship Leaders Should Say to Each Other More Often

It's easy for a church staff to fall into "silos," where each one does their work and steers clear of other staff members. We might even do a good job within that silo, but the church deserves better. Pastors and worship leaders need to communicate, often--and with encouragement.

3 Reasons Your Pastor Desperately Needs Prayer and Encouragement

"Your pastors probably aren’t going to tell you these things."

Lifeway Research: Pastors Split Over Ministry Return Time Frame for Pastors Who Commit Adultery

When a pastor commits adultery, most of their fellow pastors believe they should withdraw from public ministry for at least some time.

R.C. Sproul: Jesus, Our Substitute

Jesus made satisfaction for our debt, our enmity with God, and our guilt. However, there is another significant word that is often used in descriptions of the atonement: substitution.

How to Leave Your Church Well

My final message as pastor at Cross Church became a love letter to this beloved church. Because I love this church I reflected on something every pastor should consider: how to leave your church well.

How Pastors and Church Staff Should Handle Honest Mistakes

The problem is not the person who makes honest mistakes and corrects them. The problem is the person who makes careless mistakes or the same mistake over and over and over again.

What About Marriage and Family in Heaven?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is about family relationships in Heaven.

Don’t Change People – Love Them

I love seeing people changed by the love God. But regardless of how much God decides to use me, I alone cannot change people. This is God’s job, not mine.

My 7 Worst Pastoring Mistakes – Joe McKeever

Thom Rainer talked about seven pastoring mistakes he had made in his ministry. Give him credit, he admitted that if he wrote about all the mistakes he’d made in the Lord’s work, “it would have to be a multi-volume series!”

‘There Is No Shame in Divorcing Josh,’ Says Anna Duggar’s Cousin...

Anna Duggar should feel “no shame” about divorcing her husband, Josh Duggar, says Anna’s cousin, Amy King. Federal prosecutors are seeking a 20-year prison sentence for Josh, who has been convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography.

Leonard Sweet: Church Leaders, God Has Given You This Moment—Don’t Miss...

Dr. Leonard Sweet joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what our current cultural “volcanoes” mean for the church and why he sees hope amid the chaos.