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13 Habits That Torch Pastors With Burnout Like You Every Day

Do you find yourself experiencing pastor burnout? Allow me to share 13 lessons I have learned from those who have been in exactly this situation.

15 Reasons People Are Disillusioned with the American Evangelical Church

There are numerous reasons why people have become disillusioned with the American Evangelical church. Out of my own heart and with my ear to the ground, I’ve listed out at least fifteen reasons why.

Martyn Lloyd Jones on Sin

“What is the matter with the world?” Martyn Lloyd-Jones asked. “Why . . . war and all this unhappiness and turmoil and discord amongst men? . . . There is only one answer to these questions—sin. Nothing else; it is just sin.”

Pastors: 4 Reasons Not to Homeschool Your Kids

When considering reasons not to homeschool we must also understand that there are also families in our congregations that cannot educate their children at home for various reasons, most of them noble and sincere.

9 Secrets Your Pastor’s Wife Won’t Say Out Loud

There are secrets the pastor's wife will never tell you. I asked a panel of pastors’ wives, “If you could tell the church a few things about your role, what would you say?” Their responses were strangely similar.

Carey Nieuwhof: 7 Kinds of People You Can’t Afford to Keep

The people you are most afraid of losing are the people you most need to lose. Truthfully, you can’t afford to keep them.

7 Habits of Truly Joyful Pastors

Outward pressure to “perform” is not what pastors need right now. I want to share some things I’ve observed in what I am calling truly joyful pastors.

10 Symptoms of a Sick Church

While there are many potential characteristics of a sick church, I have found 10 symptoms to be consistently common.

Can Christians Drink Alcohol? 3 Reasons a Christian Can Drink

When it comes whether a Christian can drink alcohol, the Bible couldn’t be clearer or more direct.

Endurance: How to Make the Long Run of Leadership

Endurance is a quality consistently found among great leaders. It is a sister to resilience, as the ability to “bounce back from a setback.” Endurance is the ability to just keep going regardless of the obstacles and pressure.

6 Traits of a Biblically Faithful Preacher

God has called preachers to be faithful rather than successful, so how can we be sure we are staying true to the call?

How to Be a Non Anxious Presence in the Face of Criticism

A non anxious presence describes a personal quality that when a leader exhibits it, can keep a family or a group’s overall emotional reactivity and anxiety down.

The False Gospel of “You Be You”

"You be you" is a statement of one’s individual right to judge what’s best for himself, regardless of what others say or think.

5 Mirages That Will Lead You Straight Into Having an Affair

Heed these dire warnings before falling off the cliff of a sexual sin.

We Need a Revival of the Bible–500 Years Ago Today Martin Luther’s German Translation Was Published

500 years ago today Martin Luther published his translation of the New Testament in German – his translation took only 77 days - We need a revival of the Bible today

100 Tips for Leaders That Everyone in Ministry Should Know

These leadership tips will help you stay grounded (and sane) in ministry.

Are You Pastoring in the Death Zone?

Pastoring in the death zone means attempting to sustain an elevated level or pace that has the potential to jeopardize your family, your ministry, and your health.

11 Characteristics of Spiritually Weak Christian Leaders

They lead in their own power rather than God’s power. They may use the language of “God’s power,” but honesty would require them to say that they’re living in their own strength. They’re tackling very little that they could not do on their own.

Why Every Leader Needs Silence and Solitude

Here are some practical benefits of practicing silence and solitude and tips for building it into your life.

5 Commandments for Becoming a Media Savvy Pastor

Before you start, there are some critical things you need to know to be an effective media savvy pastor. Here’s five vital principles as you begin your journey.

Judge Dismisses Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against Celebration Church by Former Pastors

A judge has dismissed the defamation lawsuit filed by former Celebration Church pastors Stovall and Kerri Weems on the grounds that the suit concerns an ecclesiastical matter and is therefore outside the court’s jurisdiction.

J.D. Greear: How Your Sermons Will Benefit From a ‘Multitude of...

J.D. Greear joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the power of exegetical preaching and how gathering input during your sermon preparation will benefit your whole congregation.

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