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6 Sets of Contrasting Ministry Mistakes I’ve Made

I’ve made a lot of ministry mistakes in 40+ years—and some that almost seem contradictory to others. Here are some of those mistakes.

Every Leader Needs an Encouragement Folder

Ron Edmondson:" I often say the longer we do something the less recognition we get for doing it. So, I save them in my encouragement folder."

The Secret Sin Behind Passive Aggressive Behavior

"Identify the promises they make to us, recognize these false promises as lies and then trust the superior promises of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit."

15 Ideas To Spark Extraordinary Church Growth

Not every church is the same. What works for one may not work for another. To help spark new ways to improve your church, Church Fuel recommends these church growth ideas.

4 Systems Church Leaders Should Care About

Some church leaders resist systems because systems can feel “unspiritual” or “corporate.” I have heard the critique for years.

7 Spiritual Consequences of Living a Busy, Hurried Life

Culture’s obsession with busyness and hurriedness isn’t just a scheduling problem. It’s a heart problem. It’s time to consider what a hurried life is costing us. And, make no mistake, the cost is enormous.

6 Key Questions To Ask of Your Sermon Before You Preach it

Before you preach your next sermon, take the time to answer these six questions.

How To Avoid Being Blindsided by Your Own Church

If I had seen how dysfunctional batons pass from one leader or significant stakeholder to the next, I could have avoided being blindsided.

Are Your Sermons Hard or Easy To Listen to?

Here are a few ideas to improve your sermon based on neuroscience. What insights have you discovered that help your listeners absorb more of your sermons?

Why Church Membership Is Important

The aim of the church is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by pursuing people to believe in Jesus and turn to Him for salvation.

3 Core Values of People Who Actually Made a Difference in the World

Being a winner means you step up even when you don’t feel like it; this is the key to integrity and being a noble person.

8 Attitude Adjustments for Church Life

I like using the terms faithfulness and fruitfulness to describe the progress congregations are to make. It allows leaders to focus on disciple-making as the primary work rather than events designed to simply assemble crowds.

3 Keys To Being a Lifelong Friend

Friendships are a key part of life and you want a friendship to last your entire life, or for most of it. Here are 3 critical elements to having a lifelong friendship.

3 Warning Signs You Could Love Title More Than Task

It is entirely possible for a ministry leader to love title more than task. But, according to Augustine, a ministry leader who loves title more than task is not a good ministry leader.

Pastor: Get Up and Try Again

Jesus has succeeded in every way that we have failed, and with Christ in us, we discover a new capacity through Him to get up and try again.

Pastor, Use This Checklist for Better Preaching

I am not the best preacher on the planet, but I am passionate about better preaching. Here are a few things that I have learned along the way and things that I am currently trying to implement.

A Vital Pastoral Need: Friendship for Leaders

A friend of mine asked me to reflect on the meaning of friendship for a church leader (but really: any leader). What an important question he asked: What did I learn about friendship for leaders during my years as a pastor?

An Example of a Statement of Faith

A statement of faith reveals the doctrine of the church. Expecting all people to agree with everything is more cult-like than Christ-like. However, we must have parameters of belief. Otherwise, the church will break under the stress of disunity.

What Is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is one of the most amazing gifts that God offers to us. It’s nothing to be afraid of or to avoid, so go on and be filled and re-filled.

Rebecca McLaughlin on Whether Christians Can Agree To Disagree About Same-Sex...

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how church leaders can respond to common arguments that use the Bible to affirm same-sex relationships, the “why” behind God’s design for marriage, and the “beautiful and glorious vision” Christianity has for friendship.

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