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There’s No Such Thing as Retiring From Ministry

Last month marked one year since I stepped away from the pastorate. I’ve shunned the term retirement like the plague, vowing to remain active in ministry and seeking to use the rest of my life to serve the Lord.

How to Preach a Text You Don’t Fully Understand

If you're engaged in expository preaching, chances are you've had to teach on a passage you don't fully understand.

Why the Christmas Season Can Be Hard for Pastors – 10 Reasons

I love the Christmas season but the Christmas seasoncan be hard for pastors. Pastors experience Christmas stress for a host of reasons, one of them being taking on the stress and heartache of the people to whom they are ministering.

God Sustains the Weary with a Word

From Isaiah: the Lord GOD has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word.

9 Teaching Methods of Jesus

Jesus was the master teacher. Thousands would gather to hang on his every word. People traveled far and wide just to hear him. The lessons he taught spread like fire and literally changed the world.

5 Life-Changing Secrets of Kingdom Living

On the outside, it looked like I was just taking good sermon notes. But what I was really doing was exploring secrets of kingdom living

The 5 Essential Practices of Leaders Who Multiply Leaders

We know that Jesus was a hero maker by how he allocated his time and energy as a leader. The following are the top five practices of leaders who make heroes by multiplying leaders.

Undistracted Holidays

Even for the devout, distractions abound during this season of celebration. Preparations for an unprecedented day of feasting, complications of travel, and even engagement in the complexities of family relationships can draw us away from a focused heart of gratitude. Let's talk undistracted holidays.

Why Cool Church Doesn’t Work Anymore

There was an era when simply being a cool, relevant church helped churches reach unchurched people. That time is over.

Elijah the Prophet: What We Can Learn From His Mental Health

Many spiritual leaders in the Bible struggled to obtain victory while serving faithfully. The story of Elijah the Prophet is just one case study model for ministry. Many pastors and church leaders can learn a valuable lesson on self-care and God’s provision to take care of His own.

My Superpower? Judgmental ‘Discernment’

I possess all the insight needed to instantly solve all the world’s problems. My judgmental abilities are a supernatural gift . . . or are they?

5 Bible Passages I Find Hard To Believe

God is way bigger than my intellect, and to prove my point, I present five passages I find hard to believe.

How a Sanctified Imagination Can Improve Your Preaching

A sanctified imagination has the potential to help us connect with the daily lives of our congregation and improve our preaching.

When God’s People Do Not Live in the Word, Bad Things Happen

The Lord never intended for His Word to collect dust on a table in your back bedroom. When God's people do not live in the Word, bad things happen.

3 Places Your Pastoral Skills Must Be at Least Average

You must be at least average in these important pastoral skills or those weaknesses will overshadow your strengths.

Why I Think Bivocational Ministry Is a Bad Idea When It Isn’t Necessary

A new idea gaining some traction in vocational ministry these days is purposely choosing bivocational ministry when making that choice isn’t necessary. I think that’s a bad idea. Let me share why.

Pastor, Teach Us To Pray

The Lord’s people want to pray. Pastor, teach us to pray. Most of the Lord’s people want to learn to pray. Pastor, teach us to pray. Pastor,...

5 Reasons Preachers Should Listen to Hip Hop

A good Christian hip hop artist will work really hard to take a known truth and make it feel as though it’s being seen for the first time. Artists like Trip Lee produce potent metaphors for biblical truths.

Dear Non-Singing Pastor . . .

Dear Non-Singing Pastor, We depend on you as a primary worship leader for our congregation. We agree that your leadership centers more on worship through the Word and Table than through the music.

You Must Walk Through Brokenness Before You Appreciate Grace

It is essential to face our brokenness, no matter how much we don't want to. Despite how counterintuitive it seems, walking through our mess is the only way we can truly appreciate grace.

Tauren Wells ‘Crazy About You’ Lyrics Labeled ‘Biblically in Error’ by...

Tauren Wells shared earlier this week that his from his song “Crazy About You” has been denied airplay from at least 13 Christian radio stations because radio programmers claim it is theologically incorrect.

Matt Chandler, Part 1: How the 2022 Controversy Has Impacted His...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how God has brought healing in his life and ministry following the controversy he walked through in 2022. 

Articles for Pastors