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7 Leadership Skills Every Pastor Needs

Every pastor wants to improve their leadership abilities. We all want to improve our ministry. Here is a simple list to think about. 

Whether you are a church like Willow Creek, Hillsong or a denominational church; whether you prefer the style of Rick Warren or T.D. Jakes, or your church is large or small—these are areas we can always improve. (I’m not including the obvious like faith or prayer—these are personal issues that I assume you are pursuing daily.)

1. Vision Casting

The ability to communicate your vision, your goal—in a way that is clear, compelling and “followable.” This is the number one ability of a leader. 

What’s the goal? Where are we going? Why? What problem are we solving?

People forget, vision leaks and everyone gets distracted ( … ministry ADD). It must be communicated frequently—keep the fire going.

2. Team Building

Identifying great team members is important. Who are the remarkable people you can bring on the team? Who are those who have potential to become remarkable? Find some people who have different strengths than you do.

What people mistakes have you made in the past? What have you learned from them? I like people who are:


easy to read

love what we are doing  

willing to change and grow

team players—willing to share the credit