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5 Myths People Spread About Jesus, Sex and Gay Marriage

2. Jesus never specifically mentioned homosexuality in His teaching on marriage, so we should not make a big deal about it either.

People love to do this with Jesus. Unfortunately, it’s a logical fallacy, and it would be incredibly inconsistent and even destructive to do this with zillions of other things that Jesus doesn’t mention either.

Imagine someone doing that to you. You didn’t say anything about one element of a subject, so that means that you don’t care or have an opinion about it. The fact is, Jesus doesn’t have to disaffirm anything in order to affirm God’s original intent for marriage.

To suggest that he does would be kind of like a child asking, “Hey mom, what’s for dinner?” Mom answers, “Roast beef, but NOT turkey, not pizza, not pudding, not sub sandwiches, not corn on the cob, uh, not chili—oh goodness, I don’t want to leave anything out—um, not lasagna. I sure hope I mention everything that is NOT for dinner so you won’t be confused about what IS for dinner.”

By affirming “what was from the beginning,” Jesus is defining marriage in God’s ideal terms! Jesus doesn’t have to disaffirm anything (which would be impossible since there are so many aberrations and the list just keeps growing). He only has to affirm one thing—and Jesus did that.

So the idea that because Jesus didn’t mention homosexuality somehow means that it isn’t a point of human brokenness is a fallacy.

Another key observation is that any time Jesus mentions a husband, He mentions a wife. And any time He mentions a wife, He mentions a husband.

This should provide the eager seeker of ”what Jesus taught” valuable insight. He seemed to believe that a husband belongs with a wife, and a wife belongs with a husband. A husband is a “he”—and a wife is a “she.”