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5 Mirages That Will Lead You Straight Into Having an Affair

People who know they’re wrong are typically desperate to make things appear different than they really are, and if you don’t have truth on your side, it makes sense to go for emotion.

Mirage #5: That which seems easy is hard and could lead to having an affair.

What seems easy?


A man who is being drawn into a questionable relationship tells himself that everything is OK because he can quit anytime he wants. “If I see that things are getting out of control, I’ll just pull the plug,” he tells himself.

But when lines are crossed and forbidden territory is entered, he finds quitting to be quite complicated.

In 1 Corinthians 6:18, Paul said, “Run from sexual sin!” Amazingly, the answer to one of the most life-destroying sins known to man is so simple it can be stated in four little words, the longest of which has only six letters.

We’re not talking brain surgery here. Run. From. Sexual. Sin.

Don’t think about it, study it, debate it, analyze it, research it, seek counsel about it or even pray about it. Just run from it!

Because what you think you’re seeing are actually mirages.