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The Top 10 Things Modern Pharisees Say Today

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8. “More people need to stand up for Christian values.”

As Christendom slips away in our lifetime here in the West, we long for what used to be.

But moving forward, we will have more in common with our first-century counterparts in Christianity than with our 20th-century forebears. They lived out their faith in a world that didn’t share their values, but rather than fight their non-Christian counterparts, they laid down their lives for them.

While some people might get very angry and demand that we stand up for Christian values, I think the biblical argument runs the other way.

As I outline here, maybe one of the best things Christians today can do is let non-Christians off the moral hook.

Christians should live out Christian values deeply and authentically. But why would we hold non-Christians to a standard they don’t believe in anyway?

Jesus and Paul never appeared to do this…not even once.

9. “I’m simply more comfortable with people from my church than I am with people who don’t go to church.”

Which is one major reason why you and your church are incredibly ineffective at reaching unchurched people.

If you want to change that, go to some parties and get to know some people who are far from God.

You will discover that God likes them. And you might discover that you do too.

And people who didn’t used to follow Jesus might even start following Jesus.

10. “People who don’t go to church can come if they want to.”

And Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Too many churches are all about the preferences of their members than the push of the Gospel.