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Carey Nieuwhof: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Copy a Megachurch


If someone asked you who you’re following in today’s church landscape, you could probably answer with a list of three to five church leaders and perhaps three to five organizations to whom you’re paying close attention. Even if you say you don’t have a list, chances are you do. Your list might simply consist of critics of megachurch leaders or megachurches. We all follow someone. Especially in our hyper-connected era. I am actually exceptionally grateful for what God is doing in many megachurches and have deep respect for many megachurch leaders. Critics who say “all megachurches are ______” in my view simply haven’t done their research. In addition, we should be examining church models as well — not just churches and leaders.

I’m also a massive advocate of adopting best practices from anyone and anywhere (business, church, thought leaders, etc.). After all, no one learns in isolation. Very few of us ever come up with an idea ‘no one has ever thought of before.’

In fact, the church at which I serve is a megachurch strategic partner. We have borrowed a TON of insight, strategy, and branding directly from North Point and a few others.

And it works. Even in Canada.

So why this article, then? Because there’s a world of difference between adopting best practices from church models and blindly copying megachurches. Here’s the difference.

So, why wouldn’t you blindly copy a megachurch?