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10 Ways Pastors Can Thrive During the Summer Slump

My favorite time of year is spring. Aside from pollen, which is unquestionably a product of the Fall, spring brings color and light. Spring is about growth and life, hope and excitement. But spring isn’t possible without winter. Winter isn’t possible without fall. You get the idea. Every season matters. They complement one another and together form a rhythm for our world that ensures order and sustainability. And now Summer is here. If you’re a pastor, you know what this means. Attendance decreases. Finances drop. It’s the summer slump. What should we make of this time? Here are a few suggestions.

10 Ways Pastors Can Thrive During the Summer Slump

1. Embrace the Summer Slump.

The summer slump is a necessary part of the church’s rhythm. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t fight it. If you fight this season, you will expend an enormous amount of energy with little to no results.

Why? You’re pushing against the church’s natural rhythm. This isn’t healthy for you or your church.

2. Vacation With Your Family.

Use the summer slump to spend time with your family. Go on an extended vacation. Unwind from the grind of full-time ministry.

Healthy families create healthy churches. And because organizational health flows from the top-down, the health of your family shapes the health of your church.

3. Read Books you Wouldn’t Normally Read.

As a pastor, you’re reading and studying every week. Summer gives you an opportunity to explore a few books you wouldn’t normally read.

Maybe you refine your leadership some John Maxwell classics or lose yourself in a few fictional works. Regardless, this will renew your mind and make you a better leader.

4. Build Relationships With Other Pastors.

In the grind of everyday ministry, you don’t have many opportunities to connect with other pastors. But, as partners in the gospel, these connections can be game-changers for your city. You never know what you might learn from a different perspective. You never know what opportunities God might awaken through your conversations.