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10 Church Growth Strategies That Cost Zero Dollars

9. Invite someone

So there’s this thing out there called personally inviting a friend. Ever heard of it?

OK, maybe that was a little sarcastic. But I am amazed by how often most of us neglect personally inviting our unchurched friends to church.

Many actually say yes when asked.

If everyone invited one person next weekend, think of what might happen.

Church leaders, encourage people to invite friends and start by inviting someone yourself.

10. Become friends with people who aren’t Christians

Last time I checked, friendship was free too. That’s a good thing.

The sad reality is the reason #9 is impossible for some people is because many Christians don’t actually know any non-Christians.

Change that.

Be a friend.

Hang out with that guy at work. Throw a party for the neighbors in your back yard. Talk to the other parents at your child’s school.

Get out of the Christian bubble and into the world Jesus died for.

If you’re at church seven nights a week, you can’t be friends with non-Christians. So cut a few nights and go live the mission.

That’s why our church has almost no programming on weeknights other than small groups. We want our people to love the community.

The only way you can love a community is to actually be in the community.

You can’t love people you don’t know.

Want More?

Well, that’s a lot of free strategies there to use to grow your church, and that’s exactly where you should start. You can accomplish so much if you just begin.

If you want to know how to raise more money for ministry (without a capital campaign), there’s also practical help. While we use all of the above strategies at Connexus Church, where I serve, we also have raised more money for ministry. The Rocket Company offers the exact process we used at Connexus to raise more money for your mission.

It’s called Thrive, and it will help your church raise money for ministry without a capital campaign. Using the approach outlined in Thrive has helped grow our giving by 90 percent over the last five years. You can get more information on Thrive or sign up here.

What Do You Think?

What have you done in your church that’s helped you reach more people?