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25 Really Strange Things Church Members Say to Pastors

  1. “I have the spiritual gift of extortion.”
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    Another Southern Baptist.
  2. “Preacher, I have some moonshine for your cough. Feel free to stop by the house.”

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    That’s one pastoral visit he made that week.
  3. “Will you play George Jones songs in the service today?”
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    I’m sorry, we’re doing all Bee Gees today.”
  4. “The guitars sound like two cats mating.”
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    I don’t think that’s a compliment.
  5. “I want you to know if this church fails, it’s not your fault.” 
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    Gotta love those church members with the gift of encouragement.
  6. To the pastor in the men’s restroom: “So, pastors have to go too, huh?”

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    And what did you think before this moment?
  7. “Pastor, I have some extra Vicodin. Would you like some?” 
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    Probably not, but thank you for thinking of him.
  8. “Pastor, pray for me. I’m going to Vegas.”

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    I bet double or nothing he didn’t pray for her.

Yes, church members say the darnedest things. Do you have any to add?

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