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3 Ways to Know the Quality of Your Leadership

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What makes people effective leaders? One of the most difficult aspects of leadership is to know how you’re doing as a leader.

Add a little insecurity into the mix, and it makes things even more complex.

How Can People Be Truly Effective Leaders?

Naturally, you’ll get feedback from your peers and probably get an occasional 360 review (both great practices).

But beyond that, how can you tell how you’re doing? The reality is your leadership is being judged daily. But how accurately do you judge and assess your own leadership?

There’s a way to check that’s much simpler than you might think. By asking yourself three simple questions, you can not only get an accurate gauge of how you’re doing but where you need to improve.

Why This Matters (Leadership and Self-Delusion)

I find a lot of people are not clear on whether or not they are effective leaders.

This falls into two categories:

-Leaders who overestimate how well they’re doing.
-Leaders who underestimate how well they’re doing.

Both are problematic for different reasons. If you think you’re doing better than you are, you’re the last person to realize you need to improve. And if you think you’re not doing as well as you actually are, then you likely have potential you have not yet tapped into. So getting a reasonably accurate check-in on the quality of your leadership is critical to help you lead with all diligence.