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10 Characteristics of Pastors Who Finished Well

faithful unto death

How can we finish well in ministry? Today, I’m thinking about pastors I knew who finished well—those who faithfully served God all the way to death. Here are some of their characteristics that challenge me to live differently today.

1. They oozed humility.

Though they, like all leaders, at times wrestled with a desire to be somebody, they knew from the beginning that the work of the gospel was not about them—it’s about Jesus.

2. They always knew they could be steps away from a fall.

They weren’t so foolish as to think they could not fall. Their honest recognition of the possibility made them ever alert and prayerful.

3 At the same time, the thought of failing Jesus was almost a foreign thought.

They just loved Jesus, and serving Him meant more to them than anything. Even the thought of letting Him down broke their hearts.

4. They planned to finish well.

That is, they didn’t end well by accident. They made a commitment to finish well each day, and the faithful days became years.

5. They were firmly committed to their families.

They adored their spouses and children, and everybody knew it. Serving God meant building their homes on His Word, praying daily with their family, and protecting their time with them.