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The Church Model Doesn’t Matter (as Long as You Stick With It)

The Church Model Doesn’t Matter (As Long As You Stick With It)

I have a friend who swears that drinking water and walking is the key to optimal health. He walks 50 miles a week and is in great shape.

I have another friend who does CrossFit four times a week and claims his Paleo eating plan is the best way to stay fit. He too has the physique to prove it.

I have yet another friend who claims that eating a purely vegan diet and long-distance running is the key to getting shredded.

And I have another friend who eats nine small meals a day.

One who swears by the Ketogenic diet.

Another who has had DNA testing and is eating a meal plan perfectly suited to fit his exact physiological makeup.

And another who does this weird intermittent fasting thing.

All of my friends (1) eat vastly different things (2) exercise in vastly different ways and (3) think the other people are doing it wrong.

So, who’s right?

They’re ALL right.

There is no one “perfect” approach to eating and exercise.

For all our similarities, every human body is different. We have different goals and interests and our lifestyles differ depending on age, family composition and career aspirations.

Here’s a not-too-well-kept secret of physical fitness: The diet and exercise regime that “works” is the one you actually stick with.

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I’m the founding Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia. In 13 years the church has grown from a small group in my home to over 2,000 incredible people. Before that I served in churches of 25 to 600 in attendance. I love church planters and pastors of smaller churches, and totally understand the difficult challenges they face as they try to help people find their way back to God.