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Here’s What It’s Like Being a Church Leader and Depressed

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A leader and lover in the home.





One who holds firmly to the truth.

These are just some of the qualifications that the Bible holds out for leaders in the church (Titus 2, 1 Timothy 3).

As a church leader, these qualifications can seem daunting. They set the bar high and I am grateful for the grace of God when I fall short of them.

After all, I too, am human.

Like every believer, I live with a tension of who I want to be and who I actually am. I press on in living more like Christ every day, but the core of the gospel reminds me that I can’t be perfected outside of his grace.

Scripture asks me to speak truth to the church. And if I’m being honest, I don’t have it all together.

I am a pastor who lives with depression.

And nowhere in scripture am I disqualified for it.

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Chris Cipollone is a pastor, speaker, teacher and author. He currently serves in Sydney, Australia. In addition to this work, Chris is the Founding Director of Biblical Counsellors Australia, an interdenominational organization which seeks to bring the truths of Scripture to all of life.