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It’s Not Always You: Why People Leave Your Church and How to Keep Them

#3 – Service

A third step you can lead people to take is to serve others.

In general, there are two ways to lead people to serve:

  1. By volunteering
  2. By getting involved in missions

As I pointed out above, people want to be a part of something.

They want to play a role—big or small—in furthering the work of the local church.

Make it easy for people to find ways they can volunteer.

Let them know via your website areas in which they can serve.

Set aside a place in your worship facility where they can get more information.

Make announcements.

As you put before your church how they can participate in God’s work, you’ll be surprised at how many will step forward to get involved.

Another step you want to lead people to take is to get involved in missions.

Being involved in missions is good in two ways. First, you’re sharing the gospel and providing relief for a community. Second, participating in missions work can also be a catalyst for people in their spiritual growth. Leading people to step outside of their comfort zone is an ideal way to lead people to grow in their faith by overcoming new challenges.

#4 – Relationships

A last step you want to encourage people to take is toward getting involved in relationships.

When it comes to helping people make friends in church, you can provide opportunities for this to take place—but you can’t force friendships to happen.

One way many churches foster relationships is through small groups.

From providing ongoing small groups to short-term group options, there are a variety of ways you can lead people to participate in small groups in your church.

There’s one more step you can provide:

Pastoral care helps to keep people who might want to leave your church.

People in your church or visiting your church will at some time desire pastoral care. They’ll want to talk through their problems with a pastor, and making this option available can be a huge relief for some people.

Keeping people connected to your church

There’s more to keeping people connected to your church than tactics alone.

You must…

  1. Build a solid foundation
  2. Put in place key pillars
  3. Provide clear next steps for visitors

After working through this process, your church will be better able to help people stay connectedand maybe lessen the amount of people that leave your church.

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