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Prayer Changes Everything, But Prayer Doesn’t Fix Everything

Man praying: prayer changes everything

I believe that prayer changes everything, but it doesn’t fix everything. I’ve been a praying person for much of my life. Has it worked? Has it fixed me entirely?

Apparently not, because I still have a long way to grow.

You’ve no doubt prayed about some things, hoping for prayer to fix it, right?

When we’re sick, we pray for God to heal us.

When we’re poor, we pray for God to provide.

When we’ve been wronged, we pray for God to make it right.

All of those prayers are good prayers. God calls on us to trust him in such moments to move, to work and to act on our behalf.

But still, praying doesn’t “fix” all of the situations we encounter.

In the Book of Acts, chapter four, we read the story of Peter and John being arrested for preaching about Jesus. Later, they’re released after a strong lecture from the temple police about not continuing to spread the gospel.

How Prayer Changes Everything But Doesn’t Fix Everything in the Bible

The church, in response, begins to pray. And here’s the spoiler…the persecution issue actually gets worse.

Prayer didn’t fix it. The problem remained. But prayer did change the situation. Here’s what the church prayed…