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Catalyst 2010: Perry Noble

Perry Noble opened up the Friday morning session at Catalyst. Here are some highlights from his talk:


  • “Have you ever had an ‘Oh Crap’ moment. This is mine.”
  • “Every time I hear Francis [Chan], I’m not sure if I love Jesus anymore.”
  • “It’s about time for a dumb redneck to get up and tell people about Jesus.”
  • “If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve had this thought: Should I be following you?”
  • “Do what God told you.”
  • “If you can explain what God is doing in your church, then God didn’t do it.”
  • “Have you ever been at a place where the brook is dry?”
  • “God is not punishing you — he’s preparing you. Don’t give up when you’re by the brook.”
  • “God blew the freakin’ doors off the tomb, and God is alive.”
  • “I’m from Anderson [SC] and there’s a pond where ducks hang out, so we call it the Duck Pond.”
  • Talking about punting ducks… “Some of you animal lovers don’t like that. I’ll punt you too.”
  • “You’re going to run from a situation that God reigns over.”
  • “Don’t give up.”


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Tony is the Chief Strategic Officer and founder of The Unstuck Group. For 14 years, Tony served on the senior leadership teams at West Ridge Church (Dallas, GA), NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC) and Granger Community Church (Granger, IN). He's written several books and articles that have been featured with the Willow Creek Association, Catalyst and Pastors.com.