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Catalyst 2010: Perry Noble

Perry Noble opened up the Friday morning session at Catalyst. Here are some highlights from his talk:


  • “Have you ever had an ‘Oh Crap’ moment. This is mine.”
  • “Every time I hear Francis [Chan], I’m not sure if I love Jesus anymore.”
  • “It’s about time for a dumb redneck to get up and tell people about Jesus.”
  • “If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve had this thought: Should I be following you?”
  • “Do what God told you.”
  • “If you can explain what God is doing in your church, then God didn’t do it.”
  • “Have you ever been at a place where the brook is dry?”
  • “God is not punishing you — he’s preparing you. Don’t give up when you’re by the brook.”
  • “God blew the freakin’ doors off the tomb, and God is alive.”
  • “I’m from Anderson [SC] and there’s a pond where ducks hang out, so we call it the Duck Pond.”
  • Talking about punting ducks… “Some of you animal lovers don’t like that. I’ll punt you too.”
  • “You’re going to run from a situation that God reigns over.”
  • “Don’t give up.”