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Catalyst 2010: Andy Stanley

As is tradition at Catalyst, Andy Stanley opened up the conference. This year the theme is “tension is good.” Here’s what Andy had to share on the topic:


  • “We are a bundle of appetites and desires. And each appetite creates tension because it wants more.”
  • “Every time you get more responsibility in an organization, you want more.”
  • “No matter how many times you win, you want more.”
  • “God created your appetites and sin distorted them.”
  • “Your appetites always whisper ‘now’ and never ‘later’.”
  • “I couldn’t name two people in ministry who have lost their ministry of bad theology.” …compared to people who have lost ministry because they didn’t properly manage appetites.
  • “Appetites are powerful, and they are never fully and finally satisfied.”
  • “Whatever you want, you will only want more. This tension will not go away.”
  • “Your only hope is reframing your appetite in the context of what God has called you to do.”
  • “Ten years from now…” Write down whatever comes to mind. This exercise will cause you to reframe your appetites.
  • “The clearer and more defined the frame, the less grip our appetites will have on our lives.”
  • “What is it that you’re doing that’s not illegal or immoral, but you hope no one finds out about it?”
  • “You have no idea what God wants to accomplish through your life.” …and your children and grand children
  • “Reframe and then refrain. Don’t trade your future.”


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