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The Art of Getting Rejected

I’m the king of getting rejected. For every one incredible “yes” I get, there are at least eight “no’s.” Yesterday was quite the monumental day for that. Three things are going on here:

1. God has a better plan.

For God to carry out his better plan, he has to get rid of our mediocre plan. God put the word “no” on their lips.

2. A great dream requires thick skin.

Unfortunately, we don’t develop thick skin by resolving to have it. We get it by being rejected over and over again.

3. Rejection keeps others from achieving your dream.

If all you got were easy “yes’s” then anyone could go after your dream. Those “no’s” keep your dream a treasure.

My heart weighs heavily for those in Dream Year because they’re destined for a year of set-backs, close-calls and rejections. My job is to help them not lose heart and keep their eyes fixed on Jesus. When you get rejected, you have to quickly regroup, not compromise, and go after the even-better plan.

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Ben Arment helps people launch great things. He’s the founder of Dream Year, The Whiteboard Sessions, and STORY in Chicago, and he also wrote a book called Church in the Making. He and his wife Ainsley live in Virginia Beach and have three cowboys, Wyatt, Dylan & Cody.