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Five of the Most Difficult Areas To Trust God

As I spoke about yesterday, I believe there are five areas in everyone’s life where it really is difficult to trust God. (This is not based on a research poll … but on 25 years of being in the ministry).

#5—My Career

Life is too short to do something you hate doing.

I once read someone say their greatest fear in life wasn’t that they might not accomplish anything, but they would get to the end of their life and realize they accomplished a bunch of things that did not matter.

What we do with our lives is a pretty big decision—which is why I believe if we make God a priority and not just a passing thought, He will make our path straight in regards to what we are called to do.

Each one of you reading this right now has been custom designed by the Creator of the Universe on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose. There is something you really do enjoy and you really do well that you know makes a difference, and that is most likely the direction God is calling you in.

Oftentimes we believe our career is about making much of us, climbing the ladder, making money and getting recognized; however, if you are a follower of Jesus then He has you in a career not to make much of you, but to make much of Him. When that becomes our goal and when we are willing to do what He is leading us to, then we can experience genuine joy—and we don’t just “go to work” but rather we get to make a difference.

#4—My Kids

There is not one single parent who has not struggled with really trusting Jesus with their children.

I can remember the first ER trip ‘Cretia and I had to take with Charisse. She fell off the kitchen counter and hit her head really hard. ‘Cretia went into the room where they were going to do the test to see if there was any swelling on her brain, and I had to stand outside the door. In order for them to be able to do the test, Charisse had to remain completely still … which she did not like and so she began screaming as loudly as I had ever heard.