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Authenticity Wins.

Authenticity wins. Always. In relationships. In communications.

Everybody appreciates authenticity.

Radio Shack demonstrated authenticity brilliantly with a honest video during Super Bowl 48. Frankly I am not a fan of Radio Shack. Just weeks ago while walking around the shopping mall with my family I commented to my wife, “How in the world is Radio Shack in business?”

I do not need nor want Radio Shack. Amazon.com and other electronic retail stores sell everything I want or need. The stores are outdated and sell merchandise only a 10-year old boy building a lackluster robot would need.

All that to say … My respect for Radio Shack elevated several notches. The willingness to exploit weaknesses and customer perceptions is bold.

Whether you are a church, a conference speaker, a spouse, etc. remember authenticity wins.