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Communicating WHY in a What, When World

Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why shares a very simple concept; no one cares what you’re doing until they understand why you’re doing it. As leaders, we understand that people won’t follow us unless we effectively communicate the why.

But people these days are busy. Hectic schedules and frantic lives have caused people to train themselves to collect the facts. They want to know who, what and when. They care about the why, but just simply don’t have time to take it all in. In church communications we must actively keep the WHY in front of people.  So how do we communicate the “why” in a what, when world?

1. Communicate with Consistency 

Vision leaks. You must constantly keep the vision, the WHY, in front of the people you are leading. Every announcement, event, message – everything – must be an opportunity to communicate the WHY.

2. Communicate with Urgency

It’s the vision. It matters. It’s imperative. It’s urgent. It’s the WHY. If it’s not important enough to be urgent, it’s not important.

3. Communicate with a Call to Action

The WHY is what drives us to do something. If your church mission is to love God and love others, that’s the “what.” If you stand before your church and constantly communicate the what, people will understand they are supposed to love God and love others. And maybe you even communicate when and how. But if you aren’t communicating in such a way that it DRIVES people to act, then you aren’t communicating the WHY. Why does the why matter in the church? It matters because eternity is at stake.

How does your church communicate the WHY?