Listen to John Piper’s Iconic 7-Minute-Message that Inspired ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’

Don't waste your life John Piper

Seventeen years ago John Piper gave a powerful plea to 50,000 college students in Tennessee at Passion’s OneDay event. His message inspired a book he would later write a few years later entitled “Don’t Waste Your Life“. Many pastors, leaders, and missionaries today say his book was instrumental in changing their lives and giving clarity to where God was calling them to serve today.

“There are people in this country that are spending billions of dollars to get you to buy it [the American dream] and I get 40 minutes to plead with you DON’T BUY IT!” John gives us a great reminder we need to ask ourselves every single day: When we stand before the Lord and give an account for our lives, will we say we pursued our personal dreams and possessions or will we be able to say we lived for His glory?

“Don’t waste your life. Don’t waste it.”

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