How a Busy Mom Can Become a Better Theologian

How Can a Busy Mom Become a Better Theologian

There may not be a more complex and demanding role in society than being a mother. Spinning plates (and many times washing those plates), running smaller humans around in the ark of the mini-van, ensuring the kitchen is filled with the necessary amount of protein and sugar can be very demanding. It’s not uncommon to hear an exasperated mom declare, “I don’t even have time to think!”  Furthermore, when our schedules become so packed we inevitably become vulnerable to neglecting priorities that are deeply important.  An example of one of these priorities is the neglect of hearing from God in His Word.

This is the concern of Gloria Furman, the author of Missional Motherhood.  In a recent video published by the Gospel Coalition, Gloria reminds viewers that it is true that we all have limited time and brain cells, but it is also true that we were made to be consumers of words. More specifically, we were made to feast on God’s Word as our very bread of life.  But how can we feast when there are so many things vying for our time?

Furman offers three principles for that busy and probably exasperated mom.  First, be willing to lose sleep in order to read larger works on scripture such as commentaries.  Second, with the use those larger works then you will be able to better grasp the bigger picture of Scripture instead of isolated verses and sections of scripture.  Lastly, ruminate on these larger chunks of Scripture throughout your day.  By God’s grace, this practice will help conserve you and feed you for the long haul because when it comes to mothering…it is all about the long haul.

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