Andy Stanley: Your “What” Is Not As Important As Your “Why”

Your “What” Is Not As Important As Your “Why”

We do it in business, in our families, and even in our churches. We think about our end goals and the process to get there. In other words, we are always concerned about the “what” of our lives.

Andy Stanley, pastor of Northpoint Community near Atlanta, Georgia challenges us to do something different: Think about our “why” before our “what”.

Stanley challenges us to not be afraid to go back to God’s calling upon our lives in order to answer the “why”. Your personal call was when you first found the courage to take the first step. This is important because a basic need in ministering to other people is having courage. Your personal call is also where you are going to find your passion. When leaders tap into their personal passion, they will attract other leaders with a similar passion. Passionate leaders with passionate followers form the nucleus of a movement. Please remember, the “what” and “how” we get somewhere is never as important as knowing the “why” you are doing it in the first place.

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