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Janette…ikz Takes Listeners on a Poetic Journey through Her Salvation Experience

Who Am I

A few years ago, the spoken word artist Janette..ikz (pronounced “genetics”) took listeners on a literary journey describing how Christ redeemed her from sin. The following video, filmed at the 2014 Verge Conference, displays both the gift of God Himself as well as how He gifts His children. Without providing a line by line recitation, the following are selected quotes and their respective themes that pop out of her speech. This video will undoubtedly encourage you in the Gospel.

The Theme of Our Sinful Depravity
I’ve been dead before ..
I’ve overdosed on my sinful blows
My eyes sealed shut, no oxygen flow
Ice cold in a tag with my name on my toe
I thought I was cute and glamorous
Hanging with them cadavers
Mislead walking dead
While sin spread cause it was cancerous

The Theme of Redemption:
And I can’t have fathomed this Love
where He came Yanking keys, breaking chains
And called my name like Lazarus
See they mad That He chose a wretch like me
With a past like me
That looked like me
See He came back for the one little sheep
That little sheep happened to be me

The Theme of Perseverance in Christ:
We’re so quick to cry Lord take me higher But you’re try’na bypass going through the fire
You showing up for war in the wrong attire
Will you be a victim of the system that makes you think
That you’re a victim of the system when He sets you free?
Or will you choose to fight Through the day or night Which dark shed the light and live eternally

The Theme of Our Battle Against Sin:
Listen, my flesh got an offer To join the losing team
And I’d be a star and individually be supreme
My soul in exchange for benefits and perks
Flying higher than Larry’s bird The best they ever heard
But I chose the winning team So when my flesh is yearning
Got it casted down earth like James And walked worthy