Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Eric Mason Discuss Theological Imperialism and African Americans

African Americans and Theological Imperialism

A dilemma that some in the African American Christian community are experiencing is an attitude of theological imperialism. There is a movement of African American leaders who are aligned with Reformed theology, which has historically been prominent within the white community. Is this a type of betrayal of a theological and racial tribe? In the following video, pastor Eric Mason from Philadelphia engaged in a roundtable discussion with rappers Lecrae and Trip Lee about navigating this cultural dynamic.

LeCrae, who grew up in a traditional African American church, has wrestled with theological truths he did not hear in the church of his upbringing and also the lack of African American experience within the white evangelical tradition. Nonetheless, he does not feel like he is under any type of imperialism but is simply searching for truth. In his words, “I feel like I’m in search of truth and I’m going to get it where I can find it. I feel like I am in some sense a contextual ambassador, a cultural ambassador, and I do want to bridge those gaps and tear down those walls.”

Trip Lee believes that being an effective cultural ambassador will include a commitment to NOT wave the flag of a particular theological camp but rather direct brothers and sisters directly to the Scripture itself. It should be the Scripture that reigns over and exhorts all cultures and not be held hostage to any particular cultural ideology. This is a fascinating and important discussion. Watch the video and learn more.

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