Pastors Need to Slay the Significance Monster

Slaying the Significance Monster

Unfortunately, the desire to be known comes with our sinful selves. The healthy desire to have significance for kingdom influence is commonly eclipsed by a desire for self-glory. Crawford Loritts, Senior Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church, offers the following thoughts on slaying the significance monster.

It is important that Christian leaders slay the significance monster early on in their ministry. If your vision is about you and what you are going to do to fulfill that ministry, then you will end up hurting a lot of people. This means that young Christian leaders must have others who are at the core of everything they do and to remember that you will never lose anything by giving it all away. What God has for you, no mortal being can take from you.

Also remember to be wary that a public gifting can produce a sense of power. Do not hide behind truth in order to protect your platform. Please be transparent about your struggles, jealousies, and competitions and allow God to edit your life for His glory. You don’t have to campaign for your ministry with your abilities, because God Himself will bring ministry to you. Greatness is not the product of giftedness but rather the product of faithfulness.  Enjoy this very convicting video.

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