Jefferson Bethke: Jesus ISN’T Unique

Jefferson Bethke on Jesus

One of the challenges of living in a postmodern society is how the uniqueness of the person and claims of Jesus get enmeshed into other types of worldviews. Post-modernism seeks to equalize Jesus as a religious leader among many. Jefferson Bethke recorded this recent video to address the uniqueness of Jesus and why it’s important.

Bethke contends that many people enjoy the fact that Jesus died for us, but we don’t like the fact the He calls us to lay down our lives for Him. This always perplexed Bethke whenever he would encounter this because people would get mad about Jesus asking us to lay down our lives for Him but they wouldn’t get mad at things such as alcohol, our romantic relationships, or our careers. You see, in a sense Jesus ISN’T unique in that He is not the only one who asks everything of you. To put it simply, everything in life asks for everything.

What actually makes the “non-uniqueness” of Jesus wonderfully unique is that though He is asking everything from you, He is also giving up everything to you. Grace ALWAYS takes the first step, coming to sinners first and offering something that is needed more than our very breath: The payment for and the forgiveness of our sin. Our relationships, our hobbies, and our careers can never do this for us. This could also be a great video to show someone you know who does not know Jesus but is curious about His good news.

This could be a great video to show someone you know who does not know Jesus but is curious about His good news.

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