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The Gospel of Luke: Jesus Preaches and Exemplifies a Radical Way of Life

The Gospel of Luke: Jesus Preaches and Exemplifies a Radical Way of Life

The first three gospels of the New Testament are what theologians call the “synoptic gospels” because each human author provides an account of the life and words of Jesus. These accounts generally cover the same timeline although the authors write within their distinctive personalities and life experiences. Luke, whom scholars believe was a physician, wrote his gospel with attention to detail and an emphasis on Christ as healer. In the following video, the folks at the Gospel Project provide an overview of chapters 3 through 9 of Luke’s gospel.

The Bible Project offers a simple but rich teaching on the ministry of Jesus and its various connecting points to Israel’s ancient history. The beauty of this method shows the viewer how Luke’s specific gospel fits into the entirety of the biblical story. Watch the video to get answers to these compelling questions:

-What is significant about Jesus getting baptized?

-What did a voice from heaven say to Jesus during His baptism and why?

-Was God just toying with Jesus when the Spirit sent Jesus into the desert to be tempted?

-Did Jesus just pick a random text from the Torah when He preached in the synagogue?

-Why did Jesus initially pick 12 disciples and why them?

-Is the message of Jesus simply about morals or something deeper?

-Jesus was bathed in bright light hanging out with Moses and Elijah. What gives?

Enjoy this visual journey surrounding the most beautiful being in existence!

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