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Is It Biblical to Say God Loves Everyone?

Does God Really Love Everyone?

In a video that will no doubt foster much discussion, theologians discuss the validity of Christians telling everyone whether Christian or non-Christian that God loves them. Is it actually true that God loves everyone or only those who are His children? Theologian and Pastor R.C. Sproul grapples with this question and provides an interesting answer in the following video.

Sproul contends that when we read about the love of God in Scripture, distinctions have to be made.

He says that there is three type of divine love that we find in Scripture. First, is God’s benevolent love, which speaks of God’s attitude of kindness or His benevolent will that falls on everyone. Second is God’s beneficent love, which is not just His attitude of kindness but His practical kindness to all humanity. An example of this is the act of God in providing sun and rain for the flourishing of all cultures (Matt 5:45). 3) Third is God’s complacent love, but do not confuse the word “complacency” with being careless or flippant. Theologically, this concept means God’s special love toward His people.

We must, according to Sproul, be careful about speaking of God’s love universally when we really mean to speak of His unique and special love toward His children. Watch the whole video and think through if you agree or disagree with Sproul’s reasoning.