John Piper’s Testimony of Overcoming Racism

What is One of John Piper’s Greatest Sorrows?

John Piper is one of the most well-known voices in the Christian world. Though he has stepped down from an official pastorate at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Piper is known for his many books, podcasts, and his parachurch ministry called Desiring God Ministries. So when this highly popular Christian leader speaks of one of his greatest sorrows, it comes from a rich history of ministry.

Piper admits that he grew up as a full-blooded racist in an area of the nation where there were separate restrooms, drinking fountains, restaurants, motels, and churches for people of color. It was simply a cultural cesspool of sin, and Piper was swimming in it. This is why he loves the Gospel because through it, we hear that we can be forgiven by God, cleansed from all unrighteousness, imputed with the perfect righteousness of Christ and given the Holy Spirit that enables us to put to death those things that God hates… like racism.

The honesty that is shared in this video about the atrocity of racism is a needed word for our time… and all time. For those of us who comprise the majority culture, we do well to ask ourselves if there are inward tendencies or thought patterns that are prejudiced against those in minority cultures? Just as John Piper exclaimed in this video: Let us not divide what the blood of Jesus came to unite.

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