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Former Drug User Shares His ‘Most Glorious Experience’ of Accepting Christ

Former Drug User Shares His 'Most Glorious Experience' of Accepting Christ

Dominic Muir is the Founder of Now Believe Ministries based out of the UK. The focus of his ministry is sending street evangelism teams all over the world, ministering at Crusade style outreaches, and teaching and discipling at conferences. In the following video, Dominic shares the powerful story of how he encountered God.

Dominic’s early life found him attending a prestigious boarding school that was founded by the King of England. A very small percentage of British boys are accepted into this school, a fact that the boys were regularly reminded of. Sadly, this led him to drug abuse by the time he attended college as his life was essentially driven by fear.

Fear of not being significant…

of not finding a job…

of not making enough money…

The list goes on…

Disenchantment began to grow in Dominic as his life of traveling, nightclubs, drug use, and being around prominent people left him with a growing sense of emptiness.

This emptiness would lead him to attend various churches just to be around people who found meaning in someone bigger than themselves which in turn made Dominic desire answers to his questions about faith. Through attending an Alpha course and personal investigation into the claims of Christ, Dominic’s heart slowly softened toward Jesus.

Eventually, in 2002 Dominic prayed with a Vicar and asked God to forgive him of his sins as well as asking God to fill him with the Holy Spirit. This moment completely transformed Dominic’s life and he quickly saw that he was fully alive. Watch the video for the full story.

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