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Robert Morris: Why Many White Christians Don’t Understand Racial Tension

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Robert Morris believes the reason America still has a problem with racism is due, in part, to the church. The pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas addressed his congregation several years ago on Sunday, October 15, 2017, and discussed the country’s ongoing racial tension then. Tragically, his message is just as timely today as it was then.

“We have a problem in our country and I believe obviously all of us know Jesus is the answer,” Morris begins, “but I believe the reason we still have this problem today is because of the church. I don’t believe the church has taken the stand that the church needs to take [on racism], and I want us as a church to take a stand.”

Morris then employs a water bottle to explain the havoc misunderstanding is wreaking on the nation. Holding the bottle up, with its brand logo facing the audience, Morris asks “What word do you see?” The congregation replies with the brand name. Then Morris, looking from his perspective, tells them “I don’t see that. The word…is not on this side.”

The climax of his practical illustration about racial tension lies in these words: “I’ll never see what you see until I take the time to walk around the bottle.”

Morris then relates the illustration to the current racial tension and arguments around racism embroiling the U.S.: “We have a problem in our country, mainly because white people don’t understand. It’s really true. And we need to take the time to walk around the issue and see what our brothers and sisters are seeing and see what they’re feeling.”

Morris encourages the congregation, which from crowd shots featured in the following video, looks to be predominately white, not to argue about protests or demonstrations. Instead of arguing, he insists, take the time to understand what your brothers and sisters are trying to say. He also instructs them not to see it simply as an issue or as history, “but as people.”

Morris is the lead pastor of the Texas megachurch, which is the largest congregation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The church sees a weekly average attendance of 36,000 people across its seven campuses (one of which is in Arizona).

What the Bible Says About Racism

In his sermon, Morris states there are 7 reasons that racism is “pure sin.”

  1. Racism is pure evil.

2. Racism is pure self-righteousness.

3. Racism violates the Great Commission.

4. Racism violates the Great Commandment.

5. Racism questions God’s creation.

6. Racism questions God’s plan.

7. Racism questions God.

Watch Robert Morris’ entire sermon about racial tension here.