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The VeggieTales Theme Remix You Need to Drop Everything to Watch

If you grew up going to church, or babysitting Christian kids, or have church-going kids of your own (or all three!) you are likely a fan of VeggieTales. Friends, you are in a for a treat because another big VeggieTales fan has created a remix of the theme song that every animated-vegetable-loving child of God needs to hear.

The remix was done by Shama Mrema, who describes himself as an “african born, american raised, actor, writer, comedian, director, former kids bop star” (among other things).

The simple, yet brilliant music video features Shama and Andrew Simmons, who also produced the video. Shama wears a red Nike jacket (he takes the role of Bob the tomato), and Simmons wears a green jacket (Larry the cucumber). Instead of playing the tuba, though, Simmons has an electric keyboard type device hooked up to his MacBook to make the familiar base beat for the song.

After a couple stanzas of the theme, though, Shama breaks into full remix style and adds his own lyrics.

Throwback, Sunday school
best show, vegetables
every episode so cool

Learning ‘bout God and the Bible
Low key, grown man, high key
still a fan
I play the songs when I can
‘cause God’s still bigger than the boogeyman

Barbara Manatee and pizza angel come to me
I’m a motivated pirate who don’t do anything
(No seriously, I just stay home and lie around)

Stanza after stanza, Shama raps about the very best characters and episodes from VeggieTales. It’s so cleverly done, (dare I say it?!?!?) it might even be better than the original theme song.

Even VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer is a big fan of Shama’s remix.

Good job, Shama! Way to spread the VeggieTales love.

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