Francis Chan and Chip Ingram Share Their Best Advice for Growing in Ministry Faithfulness

Francis Chan and Chip Ingram Share Their Best Advice for Growing in Ministry Faithfulness

Francis Chan and Chip Ingram joined us for a powerful conversation on ministry faithfulness that we’re excited to bring to you.

Francis Chan is the author of the crazy successful book, Crazy Love and popular conference speaker.

Chip Ingram is the senior pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California and the founder of Living on the Edge, an international discipleship ministry.

Big Questions:

Talk about “winging it” versus speaking spontaneously in preaching and teaching.

What do you do so you keep growing as a man of God and as a leader?

There are topics that people want to avoid and skirt around. How do you preach on tough issues in our world today?

Quotes from Chip Ingram:

“Someone told me, there are books and there is content that is timely and there are those that are timeless. If you will focus on the timeless, you will always be timely.”

“People don’t think they’re making idols. The biggest idol we’re making is we’ve made up a Jesus and we made up a God who doesn’t exist anywhere except in the salad bar of our mind.”

“There’s consequences of all sin. Some are physical and emotional. To me every command in scripture are borders and boundaries for God’s heart to say, “You may disagree, but this is so you get the best. My good, acceptable, perfect will.” God really is for us.”

Quotes from Francis Chan:

“I’ve got to grow in my understanding of who I am before God and so for me the struggle has been to get back to the holiness of God and dig deeper in that and maybe that is a life message.”

“Are we living for heaven? Am I speaking right now thinking about eternal consequences to my words? That’s not something you move past.”

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