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Dan Allender: Ministry That Heals Wounded Hearts

Dr. Dan Allenderserves as Professor of Counseling at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. He received his Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Michigan State University. He travels and speaks extensively to present his unique perspective on sexual abuse recovery, love & forgiveness, worship, and other related topics. Dan is the author of Healing the Wounded Heart and several other titles.

Key Questions:

How have pastors/ministry leaders changed over the years in their response to sexual abuse?

What are some of the warning signs of abuse?

What does the enemy do to shame someone after they’ve been abused?

What can a trusted leader in someone’s life do and what should they leave to a professional counselor?

Key Quotes:

“We live in a sexually violent world.”

“A great portion of the believing community still won’t deal with sexuality…But I do find—far more than there would have been 25 years ago—a willingness to say ‘We live in a fallen world where harm will occur that creates trauma.'”

“You’ve got to engage the human heart in the harm in order to have hope truly of healing.”

“We’ve got to grapple with the intersection of lust and anger, and ultimately that’s the realm of shame.”

“Probably over 50% of the women in a pastor’s congregation and 35% of males have experienced sexual abuse.”

“When you find a person who is really struggling with hope, they’ve had the evil one come and not literally kill them, but stolen and therefore killed something of their hope.”

“We are as sick as our secrets.”

“You can’t hope for redemption in that what you have not named.”

“We cover our shames with things like self-contempt.”

“Redemption’s not only possible, it’s assured, but you must engage the process [of healing].”

“I can’t think of anything more fun on earth to do than to put my foot on the neck of evil and simultaneously grow the fruit of the glory of God on this earth.”

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