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Louie Giglio on Worship: Raising Up a Generation Sold Out for Jesus

Louie Giglio on Worship: Raising Up a Generation Sold Out for Jesus

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Louie Giglio knows about worship. He founded the Passion Conferences with his wife, Shelley, in 1997. The motivation behind the Passion Movement is to help young people experience an encounter with Jesus that will create a “180” change in life direction. In 2009, the Giglios planted Passion City in Atlanta. Louie and Shelley have a desire to see their neighborhood and the world come to know the grace we have found in Jesus.

Key Questions for Louie Giglio on Worship:

What do you think are some of the greatest obstacles today to creating a heart of worship?

What are ways we can safeguard ourselves as leaders from the enemy’s attacks?

As you think back over the 20 years of Passion, what are some of your favorite moments?

What’s one thing leaders can learn from the Passion Movement?

Key Quotes from Louie Giglio on Worship:

“We’re gathering in Jesus’ name, but we’re praying that people will be scattered and that thousands and thousands of movements start—whether that’s a local campus ministry or someone planting a church, or moving to an unreached people group, or taking up their place in commerce, or some other stream of a culture, but with a different viewpoint.”

“Passion has refused, because of the power of the gospel, to invert the gospel and make it about me, and I think that’s intriguing to millennials.”

“Millennials have been disappointed, and they’ve disappointed themselves. And they smell out contrived fads.”

“Probably the greatest obstacle to worship is we’re very rarely alone. We’re very rarely in a position where we can be overwhelmed by the size of the galaxies or the sound of the waves. We’re in a busy culture with a lot of static and a lot of noise, and that typically causes us to miss out on the rhythm of the universe.”

“The goal of life is to walk with God; not just simply to have a ten minute quiet time with God.”

“Everyone at the top of every organization is struggling. They are battling for all the things we all want to battle for.”

“I don’t fully know what all the next 20 years looks like. I never dreamed there would be 20 years. I just know that if God calls, we’re going to answer, and when he leads, we’re going to follow, and at the end of it, the hope is that students will have a 180 in their life.”

“Passion is known for worship, but it’s really rooted in theology…The core of it is that life’s not about me. Life is about Jesus. Heaven’s about Jesus. The Bible’s about Jesus. The Church is about Jesus. Salvation’s about Jesus. The cross was about Jesus. Everything’s about him.”

“We overestimate what we can do in a year and we underestimate what we can do in 10 years.”

“Durable vision is the key—I believe—to fruitful, lifelong ministry.”

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