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Jennifer Rothschild: Understanding God’s Love from Every Book of the Bible

Jennifer Rothschild

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Jennifer Rothschild is a prolific author, speaker, and Bible study teacher. She has also been blind since the age of 15. A wife and a mother, Jennifer certainly doesn’t let blindness hinder her calling to ministry or her faith in God. She is the author of 14 books and Bible studies, including the bestsellers Lessons I Learned in the Dark, Self Talk, Soul Talk, and her newest 66 Ways God Loves You.

Key Questions:

How do you watch for the love of God in a place you don’t expect to find it?

As an incredibly busy ministry leader, how do you find time to spend time in the Word?

What misconceptions about God’s love are you constantly working to teach against?

Key Quotes:

“The story that God has written in my life through blindness has…been about how God’s taught me to trust him more than I trust my feelings.”

“God really does make it well with our souls even when it’s not well with our circumstances.”

“Whenever the word of God is in our hearts and in our minds, then we’re experiencing the love of God in the deepest way.”

“I wanted to un-intimidate the Bible.”

“In Genesis, God fashions you with his hands. He spoke the world into being, but when it came for him to create a human being, he used his hands. That’s an expression of the love of God.”

“In Exodus, God delivers me from slavery. In Leviticus, he gives me access to himself. In Numbers, he builds cities of refuge to protect me.”

“I think sometimes we misunderstand how God expresses his love. So if it doesn’t fit on a Hallmark card or feel real warm and fuzzy, we think that’s not the love of God. But God’s love is so complete and holy that he expresses it—sometimes—in ways that may feel harsh to us.”

“God’s love, which is unfailing, unconditional is really counterintuitive to us.

“God loves us because he is love. Not because we deserve it, earn it. And because we can’t deserve it or earn it, we also cannot lose it.”

“When we say ‘I’m not worthy of God’s love’…what we’re really saying is ‘He’s not worthy of my trust to believe that he is who he says he is.’”

“I’m going to receive the love of God, even if it’s by faith—having nothing to do with my feelings.”

“That’s what God wants from us: He wants our devotion—not our duty.”

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