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Jimmy Dodd and Renaut van der Riet: What Will Keep a Pastor From Moral Failure? Not Accountability

jimmy dodd

Jimmy Dodd is the founder and CEO of PastorServe, an organization that works across denominational lines to strengthen the church by serving pastors. He’s also the author of “Survive or Thrive: 6 Relationships Every Pastor Needs.”

Renaut van der Riet and his wife Brooke founded Mosaic Church in Winter Garden, Fla., in 2002. Mosaic has become a nationwide pacemaker for fostering and adoption and a sought after model for how ministries can respond to childhood special needs and trauma care.

Jimmy and Renaut’s new book is “What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right: Six Core Competencies You Need to Succeed in Your Calling.”

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Key Questions for Jimmy Dodd and Renaut van der Riet

-What is one of the essential core competencies pastors need in the midst of the cultural convulsions we are currently experiencing?

-Why is accountability insufficient for preventing moral failure and what should church leaders focus on instead?

-How can pastors seeking healthy intimacy do so in an unhealthy church culture that they didn’t create?

-What is the best next step for pastors listening right now who are struggling with a moral issue and are near burnout?

Key Quotes From Jimmy Dodd

“We have met with just lots and lots of pastors who…went to the very best schools and they’re in the pastoral ministry and they just confess and say, ‘You know, I feel like I was trained at the very best places, but I don’t feel competent to do what I’m actually called to do.’”

“It’s got to be about relationship. It’s got to be much, much deeper than just, ‘Ok, here’s just a bunch of questions every week I want to ask of you.”

“I think that we’ve made a big, big, big mistake in the fact that we have the front stage and the back stage as far as pastoral ministry, and we applaud the front stage, but we make massive assumptions about the back stage.”