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Laura Lewis: What Women Who Have Had Abortions Need From Your Church

laura lewis
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Dr. Laura Lewis has served as the Executive Director of Pregnancy Care Canada since May 2016. After working for 22 years as a family physician, she saw the need for education, support, and practical options for women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy. Laura has an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University, a Medical Degree from the University of Western Ontario, and a certificate of Family Medicine from McMaster University.

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Key Questions for Laura Lewis

-How would you encourage pastors to teach and speak on issues of life?

-Do you feel that the church is a safe place for women to share their stories?

-What happens when churches are silent about abortion? How have you seen churches address abortion well, as well as in a way that is alienating to people?

-What might it look like for us as churches, pastors and church leaders to be engaged in abortion alternatives?

Key Quotes From Laura Lewis

“I ended up helping to establish a local pregnancy care center where women could go and really get accurate information about all of their pregnancy options and have people who have the time and the compassion and the interest to walk with them as they made their own pregnancy decision. Because really every decision before them was a life-impacting one.”

“It is important to understand the prevalence of abortion in the States. The statistics that are given are that one 1 in 4 women will have had an abortion by the time she’s 45.”

“The first thing is to really know that when you’re speaking to someone, you have to consider that they may have gone through this experience themselves. So make sure your words are filled with grace and sensitivity.”

“For many women, the church is very silent on the topic of abortion. And so in that context, when it’s never discussed, it feels like it’s something that shouldn’t be discussed. And so women won’t feel like it’s safe to talk about their own journey after their abortion.”

“I think it is important that churches talk about abortion from the pulpit as they would talk about any other human challenge that goes on in our society and in our culture.”