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Mark Yarhouse: How Pastors Can Address Gender Identity With Compassion, Civility, and Conviction

“What I find is a little bit of a correlation between the numbers of people you walk with and a little more latitude in the shepherding accommodations, but please hear me: I respect people who land in different places on this.”

“What I see in Christian circles is that many people are either culture warriors and or they’re cultural capitulators.”

“God…is redeeming us actively all the time. But it doesn’t mean that every issue, like a number of medical conditions, psychological issues, conditions like this get resolved. I don’t know that we have good evidence that this gets resolved. I think people end up living with it as a more of a besetting condition in most cases once they’re adults.”

“Adolescents’ well-being is tied to the quality of relationship with their parents. It’s very, very important. But parents are one of the least written about people in this whole equation.”

“What you could do as a pastor to support parents in that space is so important. Just to let the parents know that they’re not to blame for their child navigating these issues. I think that’s a huge issue in the church. We often have an evangelical subculture of shame.”

“Hold the convictions that you hold. Practice articulating them. Coach people in your church on how to articulate and hold those convictions, not just hold them and declare them, but the timing out of a relationship.”

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Deuteronomy 22:5

Talking to Kids about Gender Identity: A Roadmap for Christian Compassion, Civility, and Conviction” by Dr. Mark Yarhouse
When Children Come Out: A Guide for Christian Parents” by Dr. Mark Yarhouse and Dr. Olya Zaporozhets 

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