101 Easter Sermons and Ideas for Your Church

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With these 101 Easter sermons and ideas for your church, you’ll be ready to celebrate our risen Savior this year! As your church celebrates the glorious resurrection of Jesus this Easter, there is no better time to worship whole-heartedly and to reach out to your community effectively. We are called to share our hope of eternal life with the visitors who come through the doors for Easter services, as well as neighbors who are not connected with your church. Read more…

Churches of all sizes can put these 101 ideas into practice this Easter.

101 Easter Sermons and Ideas for Your Church

Here are 16 fresh Easter sermon ideas:

1. Expecting God

Text: Matthew 21

Focus: Often we want God to meet our expectations when God wants to go far beyond what we expect.

Function: Inspire listeners to let go of their expectations and to wait for God to exceed those expectations.

2. God Does New Things

Text: 1 Peter 1:3

Focus: Often we look to God to forgive us when actually God wants to make us completely new.

Function: Inspire listeners to look to God not only for forgiveness but also for transformation.  Easter only forgives sin, but also gives us power over it.

3. Living in Separation

Text: Romans 5:6-8

Focus: While sin leaves us powerless, God loves us enough to give us power over sin by sending Jesus to die on the cross.

Function: Inspire listeners to offer themselves fully to God to experience the most hope, peace and joy.

4. Past vs. Present

Text: 1 Corinthians 15:4 (focusing on “rose” as a present verb)

Focus: Even though we remember Easter as a past event, we celebrate it as a present event as God continues to work in us.

Function: No matter what the past of the listener looks like, God wants to meet them in the present and transform their future.

5. From Death to Life

Text: Ephesians 2:5

Focus: While Jesus was dead in the grave, the Father raised Him to new life. God is calling listeners to new life through Jesus.

Function: Inspire listeners to experience real life change by trusting God with their entire life.

6. Don’t Put God First

Text: Romans 12:1

Focus: The resurrection is about the living Lord. His life should be the center of our lives.

Function: Don’t put Jesus first on the list; make Him the center of everything that you are and do.

7. A New Kind of Alive

Text: 1 Peter 1:3-9

Focus: The resurrection provides a new kind of life for Jesus, a life where he will never die.

Function: Inspire listeners to experience new life that comes with trusting Jesus.

8. Long Story Short

Text: Genesis 3 vs. Gospel Resurrection

Focus: God is restoring creation from the Fall. In Adam there is death and in Jesus there is life.

Function: Inspire listeners to allow God to restore their broken lives.

9. I Did, So You Do

Text: Matthew 28:16-20

Focus: Every scene of the resurrected Jesus, He is commissioning and sending.  Jesus resurrection is linked to mission of the church.

Function: Inspire listeners to get on mission with resurrected Jesus.

10. Have Some Fun

Text: Philippians 4:4

Focus: God has already accomplished everything on the cross and the resurrection.  There is nothing more for us to do but experience the joy of the Lord.

Function: Inspire listeners to stop trying to earn salvation and experience joy in this life.

11. Empty Promises of Easter

Scripture: John 19:35-20:35 

Summary: Let’s examine the promises of Easter. Each promise is marked by something empty—an empty cross, empty clothes, and an empty cave. It is the very fact that each of these is empty that assures us God’s promises are not.

12. The Easter Door 

Scripture: Matthew 28:1

Summary: The kick off message for our ’One Month To Live’ Campaign. In this message I talk about the 3 doors, the Door Of: Forgiveness, Restoration and Hope.

13. Easter at the Tomb 

Scripture: Matthew 27:57-66

Summary: I want us to put ourselves in the sandals of the disciples. For some that will be easy because despair is not foreign to you. Bur for others, that may be more difficult because…

14. Easter: Fear This 

Scripture: Mark 15:42-16:42

Summary: Easter – What were the first word’s Jesus says after his rez? ta da! The women at the tomb are filled with fear for they now understand who Jesus really is.

15. Easter Changes Our Lives 

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:1-6 

Summary: Easter reveals the one big problem of man and the one big blessing for man.

16. Start an Easter sermon series on new beginnings

As Chuck Lawless, (who is he?) writes, “We make new commitments at the start of a new year, but let’s be honest: For many of us, we’ve already given up on those commitments by the time Easter comes around. If ever there were a time to start over, though, it’s Easter. The resurrection is God’s reminder that hope still exists.”

Easter Sermons and Ideas for Worship

Utilize these stunning PowerPoint displays during your Easter services: 

17. Easter Horizon 


18. Easter Changed Everything 


19. He Is Risen Indeed 


20. Pierced 


21. Love Starts Here 


These videos will help create the atmosphere for your Easter weekend services: 

22. Grunge Cross Countdown 

This 5 minute countdown features the cross in a grunge setting. The countdown slowly gets colorful near the end as the timer counts down to zero. Perfect for Good Friday, Easter, or any generic Sunday countdown.


23. “O The Blood” Worship Countdown 

This church service starter, countdown video features worship music “O The Blood”. The video is perfect start to a service and transition into worship or your introductions.

Easter Sermons and Ideas for Outreach

Outreach Magazine shares several high-impact ideas for Easter to reach your community:

24. One Card. One Guest.

Hand out printed invitations to Easter worship services to all of your regular attendees. Ask them to pray for one person God is leading them to invite. Members either mail or hand-deliver the invitations to those people they’ve been praying for.

25. Palm Sunday Reflection

The Sunday before Easter, invite your community to join you for a meaningful time of spiritual reflection. Consider creating sacred spaces that guide people through the events leading up to the cross. It helps prepare people mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the Holy Week. You may want to borrow from the liturgy of other churches to help create the sacred environment.

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