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Lessons From Narnia for Small Group Leaders

Of course, Lucy’s the one we’re immediately drawn to when it comes to finding and developing Small Groups. It’s easier to talk with the Lucy kind of people. Their heart’s softer towards the things of God. They respond with kindness and warmth to our emails. Their encouragement fires us up with energy and enthusiasm.

But the Susans we connect with do just the opposite. They seem to drag us down. They exhaust us. They get excited and then, nothing but crickets rubbing their legs together. They don’t return our communications. They are frustrating as they seem to do nothing but waste our precious time and energy.

Yes, we all want Lucy’s in our Small Groups. On our team. On our side. We want to be close to the Lucy’s in life. But is that who Aslan wants us to be closest to? Does God want us to spend more time reaching out to the Lucy’s of the world? Or the Susan’s?

And Now, A Word from Our Sponsor

Here’s where C.S. Lewis steps in to rock our world. After Aslan’s resurrection, he speaks to both girls about their need to help those in trouble. His words of instruction have something to say to us about Small Groups and the Susan’s in our world. And about the Lucy’s too.

“And now,” said Aslan presently, “to business.”

“We have a long journey to go. You must ride on me.” And he crouched down and the children climbed on to his warm, golden back, and Susan sat first, holding on tightly to his mane and Lucy sat behind holding on tightly to Susan. And with a great heave he rose underneath them and then shot off, faster than any horse could go, down hill and into the thick of the forest[1].