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Lessons From Narnia for Small Group Leaders

If I was Lucy, I’d get upset and start pouting about Susan getting preferential treatment over me. Why did she get the upgrade to First Class? She didn’t even call out “Shotgun” to get dibs on the front seat.

Then I’d start pummeling Aslan with questions. “Hey Aslan, what gives? I’ve been closer to you for a long while. Don’t I deserve to be right next to you? Haven’t I earned the right to be upfront? Hasn’t my devotion meant anything to you? And I bet my faithful, Small Group attendance is a whole lot more than hers.”

Lessons From Narnia About Assigned Seating 

But this is exactly where Aslan wants both Susan and Lucy. He wants to draw Susan close to himself. And he needs Lucy behind her. Supporting her. Encouraging her.

I’m sure Lucy had many second thoughts about Susan. I bet she wanted to hold onto Aslan’s golden mane herself. But you have to give this to Lucy: she obeyed and followed Aslan’s word. Lucy even put her arms around Susan. Holding onto Susan as the three of them launched off to save Narnia.

Could that be where God wants you with your Small Group? He wants to bring the Susan’s of your Small Groups closer to Himself. And part of His plan is to use you in their spiritual journey. To guide them. To encourage them. To support them. To be beside them. To hang onto them.

You see, Small Groups are a two-way street. Yes, you’re looking to receive friendship and encouragement. But God is looking for the Susan’s to receive Himself. And you’re part of His plan for them.

We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not please ourselves. ~ Romans 15:1

And this is among the most important lessons from Narnia: Could you be the voice, the hands, the feet of God to bring the Susan’s of this world to Himself? Clive would say yes. And so do I.


This article about lessons from Narnia originally appeared here, and is used by permission. Chet Gladkowski communicates the Good News of Jesus through books, in person, and digital forms that can be found at www.ChetGlad.org. His most recent endeavors are daily devotionals through the Gospel of Mark and the Epistle to the Ephesians. Both are available at www.MarkThisYear.com.

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