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10 First-timer Tips for New Small Group Leaders

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If you had 2-minutes to share a handful of tips to help a brand new group host / leader get started in building community, what would you say? Here are some great tips for new small group leaders:

10 Tips for New Small Group Leaders

  1. Include fellowship time on the front and tail-end of your meeting time, and when possible have food. Start and end on time. All of these elements encourage conversation and build relationships.
  2. Open your time in a brief word of prayer and help make participants aware of Jesus’ Presence in your midst (Matthew 18:20).
  3. Share 1-2 brief insights of your own to jump-start the conversation.
  4. Relate what you’re discussing to Jesus by asking two questions:
    • What does this teach us about Jesus?
    • How does God want me to respond to what I’ve just learned?
  5. Be prepared to ask “open-ended” questions that will stimulate reflection and help move people toward action. These are questions that cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” and often start with the words “what” or “how.” For example:
    • What do the rest of you think? How do others feel?
    • What did you find noteworthy about this passage?
    • How can we move forward?
    • What led you to that conclusion?