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3 Great Advent Ideas for Your Small Group

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Advent season is around the corner. What will you encourage your groups to do, to prepare their hearts to focus on Jesus this season? Advent is also a great time to consider reaching out to your neighbors, friends, and family, sharing with them the real meaning behind Christmas. Below are Advent ideas for your small group:

Advent Ideas for Your Small Group

1. Advent Calendar

Why not create an Advent calendar that will provide both individuals and groups with a simple daily focus. You can be creative in how you do this, and you can also be as specific as connecting it with your Advent Series (if you have one). This is also a great opportunity to reach and engage anyone in your Church family that is not connected in a group, as well as sharing with neighbors, friends and family, and encouraging them to participate! In creating this calendar, you can focus on Scripture verse meditations, and provide simple questions for daily reflection; provide a worship song for the day; encourage a specific prayer and/or suggest an act of service. When you come together as a group, you can discuss each of the week’s “tasks” and have a time of sharing. If any of your neighbors, friends, or family participate — invite them to join you for your group!!!

2. Reading Plan

There are many different reading plans and Advent devotionals to choose from. Pick one that works for your group, and commit to reading through this together. Decide what you’ll do for discussion — you can get creative and mix it up. Choose to meet as a group, or pair off into smaller Advent Groups. You can invite each group member to share the role of facilitating the discussion throughout Advent season. This is also another great outreach opportunity — why not invite neighbors, friends, or family to join you in this reading plan and group time.

3. Advent Prayer & Worship Nights

What better time to come together as a group and pray for hearts that are focused on Christ, and to worship Him, with a combination of Scripture readings and songs? This is another great opportunity to encourage group members to be involved — invite everyone to pick a week and take a role (such as planning a prayer station or sharing a Scripture verse, or leading a worship song). Involving everyone will provide your group with a variety each week, and it give others the chance to use their gifts and share their hearts for the Lord.

No matter what your group decides to do, may you be blessed as you draw near to Him throughout Advent. May He use you and your groups to help others know the real meaning behind the season.


This article on Advent ideas for small groups originally appeared here, and is used by permission.